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Edinburgh, 10 July 2017 - Magazine The Scientist publishes an article about how many scientists are concerned about future international collaboration. In an interview with Dr. Abby Olena, a science writer, Dr.Steven Spoel and other scientists provide their personal views on international collaboration and mobility.

Scientists across the world benefit tremendously from a large collaborative network that continuously pushes the frontier of knowledge. Following recent developments, including Brexit -the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union- and executive orders for travel bans by President Donald Trump's administration in the United States, many scientists are left worrying about the future of their international collaborations and mobility.

Today magazine The Scientist publishes an authorative article by science writer Dr. Abby Olena who discusses these recent developments with scientists from a wide range of backgrounds. Dr. Steven Spoel provides his perspective on international collaboration with examples of how it has benefited his training and research.

The Scientist's article follows on the heels of a recent International Mobility study by The Royal Society, highlighting the importance of international mobility for education, training and exchange of knowledge.



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