Group Members


Group Photo

The Remarkablz: Steven SpoelHeather GreyMichael Skelly

Dr. Steven Spoel
Principal Investigator
& Group Leader


Heather Grey
Lab Manager


Dr. Michael Skelly

Lucas FrungilloCapilla Mata PerezBeatriz Orosa

Dr. Lucas Frungillo
EMBO Fellow
ERC Postdoc


Dr.Capilla Mata Pérez
Alfonso M. Escudero Foundation Fellow


Dr. Beatriz Orosa
ERC Postdoc

Eleanor Adams.jpgZhishuo WangYuan Cao_Evelyn

Eleanor Adams
Bayer & BBSRC iCASE PhD student


Zhishuo Zhang
Darwin Trust
PhD student


Yuan Cao (Evelyn)
Edinburgh-Nagoya Joint PhD student

Jade BleauSamantha Cargill

Jade Bleau
EASTBIO PhD student


Samantha Cargill
shared PhD student
with Van Ooijen Lab


Lindsay Williams
Gatsby Foundation Sainsbury PhD student

Imogen Stockwell
BSc (Hons) student


Shi Rui Ong
BSc (Hons) student



Former lab members:

PhD students & staff

Sophie Kneeshaw

Sophie Kneeshaw
BBSRC PhD student
WT & ERC Postdoc


James Furniss
BBSRC PhD student


Rumana Keyani
HEC PhD student


Francois Dussart

Francois Dussart
SRUC PhD student







BSc / MSc students & visitors


PatriciaKa-Wing Wong

Patricia Pena
San Felix
Erasmus+ student


Ka-Wing Wong
BSc Hons. student



Anastasia Sokolidi Royal Society Summer Student


Ashley Carson
BSc Hons. student


Anastasia Karavaeva
BSc Hons. student

Lindsay Williams
BSPP student


Lorna Jackson
BSc Hons. student


Aurore Del Vitto
MSc student



Catriona McIntosh
BSc Hons. student


Silvère Gelineau
MSc student




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