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Our lab explores the mechanisms by which multicellular organisms reprogram gene expression in response to changes in their environment, a skill that is vital for cells and organisms to survive.


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ERC LogoEuropean Research Coucil announces Starting Grant for Spoel Research Group

The European Research Council announced the awarding of its €1.5m Starting Grants to early-career researchers to enable them to pursue ground-breaking ideas. Dr. Steven Spoel is amongst the recipients.

PhD opportunitiesJames Furniss completes PhD degree

PhD student James Furniss, funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, successfully defends his PhD thesis on the role of ubiquitin ligases in regulating transcription initiation during cellular stress defences.

RS Summer Science ExhibitionRoyal Society Summer Science Exhibition

A familiar face welcomed visitors to the annual Summer Science Exhibition held at the Royal Society in London from 30 June - 5 July 2015. The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK.

Edinburgh Science FestivalEdinburgh International Science Festival

The Spoel Research Group will be participating in this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival. Our own Eleanor Adams will be running activies in the Bio-Discoveries lab from 4-8 April 2015 in the National Museum of Scotland.



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