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Our lab explores the mechanisms by which multicellular organisms reprogram gene expression in response to changes in their environment, a skill that is vital for cells and organisms to survive.


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PNAS article

Enzyme discovered that protects cellular anti-oxidants from damage

The Spoel Research Group publishes a new article in PNAS describing the discovery of an enzyme that protects cellular antioxidants from becoming damaged. This finding has potential wide-ranging implications from agricultural to biomedical healthy ageing research.

The Scientist magazine

Magazine The Scientist publishes article on international collaborations

Magazine The Scientist publishes an article about how scientists are concerned about future international collaboration. In an interview with Dr. Abby Olena, a science writer, Dr.Steven Spoel and other scientists provide their personal views on international collaboration and mobility.

From proteome to Phenotype: role of post-tranlational modifications

In collaboration with the Society of Experimental Biology, GARNet organises a new symposium that explores how post-tranlsational modifications of the proteome shape plant phenotypes. The symposium will be held in Edinburgh from 11-13 December 2017.

International mobility

Royal Society international mobility study published

The Royal Society publishes its research on international mobility, providing an understanding of how, where and why researchers move to and from the UK. Dr. Steven Spoel provides his personal perspective on international mobility in one of ten case studies.

The Universities of Edinburgh and Nagoya launch joint PhD degree

The Universities of Edinburgh and Nagoya (Japan) held a symposium to formally open a bilateral joint PhD programme. Phd students in this new collaborative programme will have the opportunity to spend time at both universities and receive a joint PhD degree.

RS in verbaThe Royal Society's science policy blog releases article on 'Feeding the world'

In an article by Elizabeth Bohm, Senior Policy Advisor for The Royal Society, Dr. Steven Spoel discusses how the work in his group relates to the current food security challenge of producing sufficient amounts of food sustainably.


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